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Our Delivery Methods

Our courier vehicles will hold anything from a standard letter to their maximum capacity. So please ensure that you check the dimensions & weight of your items.

Vehicle Type

Maximum Weight

Maximum Size

Small Van

400 Kg

L: 1.2 m
W: 1.2 m
H: 1.0 m
1 Standard size pallet

Short Wheel Base

600 Kg

L: 2.4 m
W: 1.2 m
H: 1.0 m
2 Standard size pallet

Long Wheel Base

1200 KG

L: 3 m
W: 1.2 m
H: 1.5 m
3 Standard size pallet

Extra Long Wheel Base

1100 Kg

L: 4.2 m
W: 1.2 m
H: 1.5 m
4 Standard size pallet

Document Collection

10 Kg

L: 0.5 m
W: 0.4 m
H: 0.2 m



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